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PORTS / Ports spectacles frame PT2333 brown 53-18-140

Founded in 1961, the Canadian brand Ports PORTS, rapid growth from the Ports Canada, the world's leading luxury brand, ldquo; blending rich and concise rdquo; the essence of the achievements of the Ports simple and elegant style, also reflects this the essence of the times: a comfortable space for the pursuit of simple luxury. Ports Ports has always been adhering to the elegant style of fashion always the eternal theme of ldquo; Less is morerdquo; the ldquo; blending rich in simple rdquo; ldquo; LESS IS MORErdquo; the idea of ubiquitous, this is the brand fold PORTS Ports Pleated Light, radiant source of life. PORTS Ports ride 40 years in fashion, elegance and quality has become the representative brand of excellence.
For over 40 years, PORTS Ports to a leisurely elegant and beautiful, taste confident, pastel clothing for women to lead the fashion trend, now, PORTS Ports in men and women clothing, eyewear, perfume, purses, shoes and other fields alone leading position, so PORTS Ports clothing brand from the simple to become an elegant and refined, content-rich lifestyle.
titanium eyewear frames design concept: a simple structure, rich, fashionable, elegant symbol. PORTS Ports glasses series in rigorous, detailed PORTS Ports develop a brand style, will fashion the perfect combination of elements and high-tech material, full of sheet metal and soft texture, full interpretation of the wisdom of men and women of high urban quality of life . ldquo; outstanding, elegant rdquo; the brand image of the Ports to gradually become a status, literacy and status symbol.


How to match Brightly colored glasses

Makeup overhangs:Brightly colored pink eyeglasses, exaggerated sexy styling, coupled with rich and gaudy makeup magic to the charm of the wild to the limit. Therefore, with colored sun glasses, look at some of the use of color can overhangs, such as healthy skin with pink blush, light, smoky, eye-catching bright red lips, with the overall look and color of sunglasses will giving a strong visual impact.
Eye shadow natural:Color itself is a shining glasses, so when the election will avoid those eye shadow with pearl effect itself, or with glitter eye shadow, the opposite effect should choose matte eye shadow. In color, I recommend vanilla color, rose gold, White's navy blue, light brown, these colors are more natural, and sunglasses will not "grab game."
Lip gloss eye-catching:Colored sunglasses with the principles of the selection of lip gloss and eye shadow on the contrary, eye shadow and lip gloss will have to be restrained some of those eye-catching bright. Such as red, pink, coral, light brown with rose colored sun glasses are very beautiful.Hair free:Ponytail with the most suitable color sunglasses, vertically compliant, but also loose random. Another colorful scarves and delicate hair clips, make your image more refined, while there is a random fashion sense.

Hand-made sheet metal frames of a super personality

Less than Human Imai Yasuhiro by the idea of leading brands, plus two glasses designer ─ ─ Koga Run and the West End have completed related to "do what you want the product" as the concept of hand-blown glasses in 2002 independent design brand fashion
Designers are no longer Anfen, "Less Than Human" (earth be disqualified), to break the traditional optical design as a challenge, but also to the entire manual for the call, restless subject hidden in the design, such as the frame of the 6969 or 2828, 2828 Japanese metaphor woman big boobs, 6969 alluding to a man strong. Even later joined the creative director, the former chief designer Imai Yasuhiro tse tse will come to this, Imai Yasuhiro once said: "My design is inspired from the woman."
The materials in these eyeglasses online, also made a number of innovative breakthroughs, such as adding the leather of the frame, or celluloid, in fact, ended 10 years ago, almost all of plastic frames are not used celluloid Road because of celluloid Road is very flammable, and now almost all use acetate (Acetate). However, after drying Sailuluan qualitative better, both in modeling, color, texture, and toughness are the best, the world can create celluloid Road Material glasses only in Asia, and are handmade.
Mirror width: 53mm
Frame Height: 31mm
Lens Height: 27mm
Nose width: 17mm
Mirror Leg Length: 135mm
Overall width mirror: 136mm
Suitable for medium face, Shaopian big face.

Ann-Sofie Back drop sunglasses and design Daqi for Acetate

Fashion is always keeping the naughty elves. Early spring sunshine to all sorts of sunglasses and looks like a dominant trend.Good at playing with the Swedish designer tailoring stitching damage Ann-Sofie Back's new sunglsses very interesting flight. Unlike ordinary sunglasses flight, the goods part of the lower edge of the mirror made of the same design as the water droplets. Launched a total of two colors red and gray smoke. However, the red lenses for many people, difficult to control, retro range and it is very suitable for children. Like a friend line at Opening Ceremony.
Parentesi series, inspired by ancient Roman streets of the mouth of the landmark joint design Daqi for Acetate added a number of sub-base wire elegance, style and covers multiple colors, from classic black, tobacco, gray and brown to the new honey sugar, color, blue, violet and red, are the use of a velvety surface polished.
B.zero1 series, swept the world Bvlgari jewelry collection, the classic spiral shape than ever to be in Application accessories series, bear with embedded circular lenses Acetate Frame - a dazzling crystal was mounted on a semicircular metal framework, the reproduction of the same name, family history of jewelry design.


How to pick sunglasses not to hurt the eyes

In the selection of sunglasses, in addition to its style requirements, many people of color often have this idea: the darker the better sunglasses. However, the idea is really science?
According to reports, one of the main function of sunglasses filter out ultraviolet light, as long as treatment is the result of UV sunglasses, UV Index can reach 96%% to 98%%, and that even if the light-colored sunglasses, after UV treatment sunglasses after dark will achieve the same as the UV effect, therefore, sunglasses feature UV protection and its color depth is not a lot. Conversely, if long wear dark sunglasses, his eyes would be difficult to see objects, easy fatigue.
In addition, for a long time in the dark state, the pupil will enlarge, if you wear dark sunglasses, the lenses are not very good quality, dilated pupils, will absorb more ultraviolet light, so the damage will be greater on the eye, may induce cataract disease damage the eyes. To learn how to choose not to hurt the eye sunglasses.


Glasses and fashion glasses

Glasses as eye protection tools, but also a beauty of decoration. From the lens of the functional sense, it can regulate the amount of light entering the eye, increase visual acuity, eye protection safety and clinical effect of treatment of eye disease on children caused by refractive errors associated with strabismus and refractive errors in patients with headache, wear glasses available after treatment. The function of frames, in addition to its support for the lenses pose wearing the eye glasses play a support role, it also has beauty, decorative. Modern pop stressed the need glasses, facial make-up with the times and the clothing of harmony, the reaction superb social class, learning elegant, fashion, and so symbolic.
Fashion eyewear is designed for fashion, his main function is not usually wear glasses, myopia, or radiation, its main function is to take the fashion eyewear fashion eyewear with fashion. Fashion eyewear including: sunglasses, glasses, all kinds of hip-hop. The recent popularity is the black-rimmed glasses, no matter where you basically can see wearing black-rimmed glasses.


The ultimate feature of fashion Carrera sunglasses

Carrera sunglasses are inexpensive but made from the finest materials for style and durability. Carrera sunglasses in addition, have the added benefit aside from function of looking fantastically stylish and thus the brand has also become extremely prominent in the fashion industry. The ultimate feature of fashion Carrera sunglasses is that you can adjust the nose bridge pieces to suit your face.
Carrera has carved an enviable niche for itself. It has consistently catered to customers from all across the world. Carrera sunglasses is available in a wide range of styles and shapes ranging from retro to aviation and oversized to timeless frames. These sunglasses give great options for experimenting to females who love to experiment with fashion accessories. They can try out different types, kinds or colors of these ultra sophisticated as well as spunk glasses.As a result, almost all the reasons why women can not own a pair of Carrera pair of ladies umbrellas. In fact, several may be chosen for different activities such as driving, tanning, plus even shopping. Appreciate discover your good pair these days!

Sunglasses accept become an basal allotment of our accustomed appearance

Sunglasses accept become an basal allotment of our accustomed appearance accessories. With all the appearance chic traveling around, a lot of humans accept all but abandoned the important aspect of sunglasses which is attention your eyes from the adverse ultra violet application emitted by the sun.The latest POLICE accumulating reveals an basal admiration to breach the rules,taking our imaginations aback to the Transylvania of the 1400s,and abroad acreage home to the gothic style.It is here,amid the alluring yet alarming princes of yesteryear,that POLICEв??s models magically appear to life,with enveloping frames affected apparent and almighty arty curves.This decree eyewear sets out to beat its opponents.

But you should accumulate a few things in apperception afore affairs any cast of sunglasses today. We will altercate a few aspects of which you accept to accede while affairs a brace of sunglasses. The superior of sunglasses can be calmly absolute by demography its weight into consideration. The best cast sunglasses are actual abundant in weight because it uses actual top superior abstracts in the authoritative of sunglasses. So if the sunglasses you are selecting you can get to apperceive calmly whether this cast is top superior or not. So this is one way to analyze a acceptable cast for affairs sunglasses.

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